Our Aviaries

These are built in a similar way to our Chicken Runs but have no substrate board at the base. They have a centre bar instead and are made using the same timber and door style.

We build entirely to order, so please just tell us the dimensions you require using our Online Quote form.

Different types of mesh are used dependant upon the animal or bird being kept, These range from 2" x 2" 16 Gauge for parrots and monkeys to 19 Gauge 1" x " for finches.

Standard Aviary 1 Standard Aviary 2
9 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft aviary with centre support beam
Standard Aviary 3
An aerial view of the same aviary

These aviaries can also be built with an Apex roof and tunnels for you to walk under.

Apex Aviary 1 Apex Aviary 2
Aviary with Apex Roof
Apex Aviary 3
Alternate view of the same Apex roof