Chicken Runs

These are our most popular item and we are often featured in the forums. Many of our customers own Omlet "Eglus"* for their chickens, and move the eglu into our secured runs to give their birds more space.
For more information on Eglus*, please see (offsite link)

Our runs are made using high quality 45mm x 45mm Grade A pale green regulated pressure treated timbers. . The run has a 15 cm substrate board at the base to prevent any of the debris coming out into you garden. The normal wire I use for these runs is 1" x 1" 19 gauge welded mesh. The mesh is held onto the timber frame by using 20mm staples which are put into the frame under compressed air. The door of the runs are hung using three gate hinges and the door is secured by a barrel bolt. A translucent roof is also a good idea for these runs as they allow the light in but repel the harmful UV rays.

Chicken Run Chicken Run
This is a 18ft x 8ft x 6ft chicken run with 'omlet cube'* attachment port
Chicken Run
This run was custom made, it measures 3m long x 1.5m wide x 1.7m tall with a lower extension on the end due to a tree. The run has one main entrance door and a triple stable door with top access to the eggs!
The stable door enables the Eglu* to be removed, and the lower door also has a port hole to enable you to fill the feeders without entering the run.
This run is a good example how Aviaries4u can make your life easier!
Chicken Run
2.4m x 2.3m x 2m high with a free range port and a port to remove the Eglu*, with added perches
Chicken Run Chicken Run
A 12ft x 6ft x 6ft run with table, coop removal port and egg removal port.
Chicken Run Chicken Run
This is a 15 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft run with the Eglu Cube* attached to the outside, with port hole for access.
Chicken Run Chicken Run
A run for an Eglu Cube*, with extension into previous smaller run
Chicken Run Chicken Run
Left: A 5m x 2m x 1.8m run
Right: This run has an extra hinged assembly for easy removal of the Eglu* Cube inside.

To keep this page fresh and quick to load, we tend to remove photos of our older runs.
However, they are stil available to view here.

* Please note, we have no connection to the Omlet company other than liking their products.
Omlet and eglu are Registered Trademarks of Hebe Studio Ltd.